About Mihu, the founder

The work of the Dutch artist Mieke Huijbregts (Known by her pseudonym MIHU) has been decisively influenced by an exhibition of the works of the French photographer Eugene Atger, held in Paris in the spring of 1900.
The artist was above all impressed by the composition of the photographic images, the aesthetic forms and the atmosphere exuded by the emotional photographs of the Frenchman.

Although Mieke Huijbregtshas never visited New York in person, this metropolis does play a central role in her work. The artist repeatedly recreates a range of motifs featuring the city.Her creations in muted tempera shapes on linen represent the high-rise buildings, bridges and streets, the traffic chaos and the mass of humanity so typical of the Big Apple.

As already suggested, the choice of color is particularly expressive. The scenery is commanded by grey tones, dark reds, grey blues and mixes in yellow, contrasting with the bright neon colors of the advertising hoardings that visitors to New York so commonly link with this cosmopolitan centre with its vibrating pulse of life. This choice is clearly tangibly influenced by the works of Eugene Atger.

The landscapes produced by Mieke Huijbregts radiate the charm of a desire for contemplation and these works too deserve to be observed in silence.In these works, individual views are brought together to create a new overall image.The works are not closed but are indeed far more indicative, raising questions and allowing the observer sufficient space for consideration, without in any way restricting freedom of interpretation.

Here too muted colors command the scenery, a choice that only goes to further intensify their pictorial expression. Again, the choice of paint, namely tempera, is particularly outstanding.
Use of this painting technique requires considerable technical skill, since every brushstroke must stand up and be counted. It is beyond doubt that in this sense, too, the painter Mieke Huijbregts profits much from her solid academic background.
Mieke Huijbregts still has many more ideas to put on canvas. We can undoubtedly expect to see a great deal more exciting work from her hand.

Dr. Claus-Peter Böhner-Fery, M.A.
Galerie Böhner Mannheim, exhibition organiser.

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